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Gustlin’s mindset of entropy involves nature but more of an abstraction of nature painted on a canvas. The idea for entropy was created during the bay area winter storms of 2016-17 when Gustlin would be trail running in the coastal mountains. The drought laden years did not allow for much entropy however when the deluge of rain came, the continuous storms created high entropy in the mountains. The water clogged the rivers, the trees fell on the water-logged slopes, the fluid motion of the earth causing slides and a disorder of the hiking trails.

A bolt of lightning splintered a 300-year-old pine spreading toothpick size pieces of wood all around where it used to grow. The drought caused the landscape to stay in a stabile environment, not much grew, not much moved and not much changed. The storms distorted the landscape creating a high disorder and the higher the disorder, the higher the entropy. The storms brought an energy shift with all the water causing chaos but when the storms abated in late spring, we now have a loss of energy as the side effect. Trees were removed from trails and landslides where bulldozed into creek beds creating new shapes, abstract lines and a new perspective when running on the trails.