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Jylian Gustlin is a true San Francisco Bay Area painter in a contemporary redefinition of the 1960’s-70’s San Francisco Bay Area Figurative artists, their styles and techniques. Jylian Gustlin's vibrant paintings explore the impact of new technologies on perception: though she uses traditional painterly techniques. Inspired by a lifelong love of the San Francisco Bay Area Figurative artists, mathematical theories such as the Fibonacci sequence, the resonant tones of Latin phrases, African masks, and antique Roman vessels, Jylian's work is truly a modern hybrid between the past and the present.
Jylian Gustlin is a native Californian and grew up in the San Francisco bay area. She has been shaped by the technology explosion of Silicon Valley and her art reflects her in-depth knowledge of that technology. She studied mathematics and computer science at San Jose State University and received a BFA from the Art Academy of San Francisco where technology was emerging as an art medium. Merging her understanding of computers and her love for art, she became a graphics programmer and art director for Apple Inc.

Combining art with math and science reflects an in-depth understanding; a first-hand knowledge of technology. When you add art, you add design, and design is what makes science, technology and math beautiful. Exploring these subjects and how it intersects with the arts presents new design ideas. When Gustlin is painting, it is with emotion, allowing personal experiences to flow through the paint brush directly onto the canvas. This extension beyond mathematics and science is the creative language of art.

Living in the Bay area and working at a large technology company gave her an unusual understanding of how patterns and layers on a computer screen help her paint layers in her art. The last 17 years have been spent as a full-time artist, designing and drawing many of her preliminary concepts on the computer. The technology today is so advanced it allows paint and drawings to merge with precision, creating complex layered effects in computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. In addition to two-dimensional design, Gustlin uses three-dimensional modeling texture programs that allowing her character creation and movement of the figure through animation.

Figurative paintings have been Gustlin’s love for the past 30 years. Creating different types of art allows her to experience the world. Drawing figures explores the human body; the choreography of the limbs and body into fluid motion. The use of many colors is used to create to emotions on the abstracted featured figures, leaving the interruption of the painting up to the viewer.

She also works on a series of paintings, both abstract and representational, that are based on Fibonacci mathematical theories. Fibonacci calculations create rectangles and shell spirals based on incrementally increasing numbers and she explores the relationship of Fibonacci numbers how to use these ideas in paintings.

The Entropy series began as she was exploring different types of mathematical equations and was heavily influenced by the word “entropy”, which literally means “life flows from low to high”. While trail running she observes the chaos in the forest and creates designs in the emotional landscapes of her mind. It her studio, she uses that chaos of ideas and the reality of the landscape to mix into adaptions of her entropy paintings.

The entropy series explores nature; the ever-changing environment from calm to chaos in a moment. The Fibonacci series explores the structure of the world through mathematics; the calculated sequence of events. Tying this all together, the three series are intertwined and when she paints, the colors and lines speak clearly for themselves. She perceives the world as interconnected and seamlessly designed providing her ideas for the three series.



“A nameless passer-by.

A solitary figure lingering on a street corner.

A person rushing past.

Someone coming, going, living in our anonymous society.

A member of the crowd, one of the silent majority.

Anyone who screams, dreams and sings inside us.

A person who lives lost amidst the crowd.

A monument stands the moment in music when all instruments are in harmony.

An old self to the left, the new to the right.

A vividly surreal world.

The view of wider, longer roads and pathways fades with the mist invading one’s mind.”


Jylian Gustlin